Despite living thousands of miles from their native home, members of the Christian community in the Jamaican Diaspora, since 2004, have  annually observed a special day of prayer and fasting for their homeland in the eager hope that the island will one day be transformed. For those Jamaicans who might still be critical about the practical significance of such an exercise, or for others, who are supportive of the initiative, but might still be desirous of knowing more about it, we find it necessary to provide a brief history of its origin and development.

Our Story

The Jamaican Diaspora Day of Prayer and Fasting proclamation was conceived, as a special project, in March 2004 at a meeting in Bronx, New York, by Rev. Newton Gabbidon (IPMI President), Rev. Dr. H. Dennis Campbell, (Senior Pastor of Rehoboth Open Bible Church and IPMI Advisory Board Member) and Rev. Dr. Samuel Vassel (Senior Pastor of Bronx Bethany Church of the Nazarene).

The vision for the Proclamation was born out of a concern commonly shared among Jamaicans in the Diaspora about the growing moral declension on the island of Jamaica, marked by an escalating murder rate, which places Jamaica amongst the nations with the highest murder rates in the world. (Currently Jamaica has one of the highest murder rates per capita in the world, led by only South Africa and Columbia ). The following statistics reveal the number of recorded murders on the island for one decade beginning 1994. In 1994 there were 690 murders; 780 in 1995; 925 in 1996, 1038 in 1997; 953 in 1998; 949 in 1999; 887 in 2000; 1138 in 2001; 1045 in 2002; 975 in 2003 and approximately 1500 in 2004.

It was against this background of moral and spiritual declension on the island, marked by an escalating murder rate, that the proclamation came from this small group of concerned Jamaican clergy, calling on all Christians within the Jamaican Diaspora in the Tri-state area to observe August 6, 2004, as a day of Fasting, Prayer and humble collective petitioning to God to liberate Jamaica from this spiritual enslavement, marked by a vicious spirit of death that has taken hold of our people.

Meet the Team

JDOP  is governed by a Steering Committee comprising primarily of members of the clergy and representatives of Jamaica’s Overseas Missions from across the Jamaican Diaspora.  Please see below the list of the members of the JDOP Steering Committee.

Rev Andrew BennetT

Steering Committee Chairman & Regional Coordinator of New Jersey & Philadelphia

Phone: 862 684 1920

Rev ReDford Mott

Regional Coordinator, New York

914 391 0187

Rev Newton Gabbidon

Program Director

phone: 718 241 2162

Next Steps...

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